We welcomed Kobhayn to our farm in January 2007.  
Kobhayn is an ABCA registered tri colored male. He is OFA GOOD. 
 Kobhayn is a super smart and extremely keen Border Collie.  He is a high drive type of Border Collie.   Kobhayn is very precise with everything he does and has  plenty of endurance.  
His personality is intense and a bit on the serious side. He has a strong eye and is very convincing with what he wants. Kobhayn is affectionate and loyal to the few people that he loves and he is tolerant of strangers.    
Kobhayn met sheep and other livestock for the first time in his 6 years of life when he came to our farm. His natural ability to circle, stalk and drive sheep really impressed us.  He has a good working bloodline in his pedigree. His sire was imported from England and he has 2 Grandfathers that are International Sheep Dog Trial Champions. 
 We expect Kobhayn to be an excellent contribution to our current and future bloodlines of working Border Collies. 
 Kobayn sadly passed away July 2014. He will be greatly missed.

Kobhayn about to pounce on the ball.

Kobhayn with one of his daughters playing in the snow.  Mom, Cindy top right.

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