Price list for pups born in 2021
Pups are individually priced after they are born and old enough to be evaluated.

Breeding stock potential (male or female)  $2000.00 and sold only to qualified and experienced Border Collie Enthusiast agreeing to our terms, conditions and high standards of maintaining and or improving upon our top quality genetic bloodlines. 

Pick of the litter from proven parents (pet quality and not to be used for breeding) $1500.00

Pet quality pup from proven parents (male or female)  $900.00 - $1200.00 based on bloodline. Sold with a spay/neuter agreement. 

 Pet quality pup with non life threatening birth defect $? (price negotiable depending on condition)

 Past customer discounts are available for the dedicated folks that have provided good homes over the years for a Jackson's Family Farm Border Collie. (please be sure to tell us if you have owned one of our Border Collies in the past or present.)

Definition of Pick of the Litter. 
A puppy that is chosen over the rest of the litter by either the breeder or by request of applicant, for having outstanding or special qualities that stands out from the rest of the litter. Or in some cases, pick of the litter is chosen by the 1st qualified applicant that reserves a pup and requests to be first to choose a puppy from the litter before anyone else does. 

Definition of a Breeding Stock Potential Pup; A good quality pup that is the offspring of 2 top quality and  genetic health tested parents that have been proven to have outstanding traits that contribute to being biddable working stock dogs with strong to moderate herding instinct traits. The pups parents are physically sound and have a good pedigree. The breeding stock potential pup will be chosen for having outstanding physical and personality traits that would be considered desirable for maintaining and or improving the gene pool of the working Border Collie breed.  Breeding stock potential pups are only sold to knowledgeable Border Collie enthusiasts that are able and willing to prove the dog worthy of producing a litter and willing to work with us on the terms for a potential mate.

  Definition of Pet Quality Pup; Any healthy good quality pup sold for pet purposes only. This pup is sold to a pre screened good home with a full pedigree and a spay/neuter agreement. This pup cannot be used for future breeding regardless of future accomplishments, pedigree or personality.  
Definition of Pet Quality Pup  with a non life threatening birth defect; A healthy pup that was born less than perfect. This pup will be sold or placed with a spay/neuter agreement and may or may not be registered depending on condition.   

Please note that we only place healthy pups in new homes. 

 We require that you fill out our Border Collie Placement Application if you are interested in purchasing one of our Border Collies.    
Include your email  when applying for one of our pups.

All applicants will be reviewed and considered.
We reserve the right to be selective on how we place our Border Collies.





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