Please cut and paste the following application into an email and send it to With your filled out application, we will have a better understanding of what type of Border Collie will work out the best for your expectations. 

Application for Jackson's Border Collie Pup/Dog Placement

1. Why do you want a Border Collie? 
2 . Have you owned a dog before?

3. What kind of dog or dogs have you owned?
4.  How long have you owned your past dogs and what happened to them?
5.  Do you have other animals at this time? ( Livestock and or pets) Types, ages, number.

6.  How many  persons are in your household, including children and their ages?

7.  Is everyone in your household willing to make the necessary adjustments to successfully live with an active and extremely smart herding dog such as a Border Collie ?  

8.   Do you own or rent your home?

9.  If you rent, does your landlord allow pets?

10.  Do you have a fenced in area for your Border Collie?

11. Where do you plan on keeping your Border Collie during the day?

12. Where do you plan on keeping your Border Collie during the night? 
13.  Do you have any plans for training your Border Collie? If so, please explain.
14.  How do you feel about crate training your Border Collie?
15.  Do you have a Veterinarian picked out for your Border Collie ?

16.  Do you have a preference for a male or female Border Collie? Please explain why.

17.  Do you plan on spaying/neutering your Border Collie?

18.  Do you plan on breeding a litter with your Border Collie? If so please explain your future breeding plans and goals.

19. If you ever had to give up a dog, please list the reasons why.

20.  Do you have any future plans of using your Border Collie for herding, agility training or showing or ....? please explain
21.  Within every litter of pups, each will have their own individual personality traits that can present itself in various degrees of being dominant or submissive, aggressive or shy, willing or stubborn, noisy or quiet, serious or playful.  Please describe what personality traits you will be looking for when choosing a Border Collie?

22.  Border Collies can range in size anywhere from 30lbs on up to 70lbs, hair coat can be smooth, rough or long, and they come in many different colors.  What physical traits, including size, type of hair coat and color will you be looking for when choosing a Border Collie? 

23. Do you prefer a puppy or an adult Border Collie ? If available would you consider a pet quality puppy that may have some imperfections?

24. When do you plan on getting your Border Collie?

 25. Who will be the primary caretaker of the Border Collie ? 

26. Are you willing to travel to my farm in Clinton, Wisconsin to pick up your Border Collie?

27. How did you hear about my Border Collies? 
28. Your name address and phone number.


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