Welcome to Jackson's Family Farm. My name is Jackie and I have been a reputable working Border Collie breeder for well over 30 years now. My childhood has many fond memories of some very special past working Border Collies that I had the honor of growing up with on my Father's, and Grandfather's sheep, hog and cattle farms. Border Collies have always and still do play an important role in my everyday life here on our farms.
I raised my first litter of BC pups back in the early 1980's. Today each of my children have a couple of really special Border Collies of their own that are from some of my foundation breeding lines. Although my children are grown now they still have an active role in the raising, handling and training of our many Border Collies. We have been blessed with 4 young Grandchildren that spend many hours on a daily basis here at our farm. Our Grandkids interact and play an important role in our puppy socialization process. Each of our dogs are treated as individuals and have their own special talents and abilities. All of our Border Collies are very much loved and cherished here at our diversified livestock farm.
Our Border Collies in the past and present have been used for many different activities including all aspects of herding and working all types of livestock on farms and ranches, trials, goose control on golf courses, 4-H obedience, showmanship and agility , therapy/companion dogs for the disabled, active family pets, guarding and protecting property and owner, and even hunting and treeing many different kinds of vermin.
Our dogs are carefully bred for herding ability, intelligence, endurance, temperament,and sound health. Our dogs get many compliments for their good looks as well.
We place all of our Border Collies with a written health guarantee and a contract. The majority of our pups are sold with a spay/neuter agreement. We believe that the breeding of Border Collies should only be done by experienced and knowledgeable folks that are willing to prove that the dog is worthy of producing a litter. It is our long term goal to continue to breed quality Border Collies that will maintain and preserve the natural bred in herding instinct, with the temperament and desire to be good reliable working/herding dogs.
Our pups are handled individually and evaluated daily from birth until departure. We screen and test our pups/dogs for many different things that help us determine the pup/dogs future potential which helps us place the right pup/dog with the right owner.
With the purchase of one of our Border Collies, we can be available for custom Border Collie training advice.
Our Border Collies are registered only with the A.B.C.A.. We have traditional black and white, tri's, and sometimes reds. Our Border Collies can range in size from 30lbs on up to 70lbs.
We have occasional pups and sometimes started dogs available. Our Border Collies are priced from $700-$1500.
Visitors are welcome at our farm by appointment only after applying for one of our pups. Please contact Jackie for a Border Collie Placement Application. (email GJac158657@aol.com)

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