We will be accepting puppy deposits from qualified applicants to reserve a pup after birth announcements are sent out once a new litter is born.
To reserve a pup we require a $100.00 deposit. 
All qualified applicants that have a reserve on a puppy will get weekly updates in the form of pictures and short video clips.
Prices are as follows and will be applied individually based on pups future potential.
Pick of the litter from proven parents (pet quality) $1500.00
​Pet quality pup from proven parents  (male or female) $900.00-1200.00
Pet quality pup from 1st time parents. (male or female) $800.00

Breeding stock potential (male or female)- $1500.00 (with limited breeding rights and separate contract.)
Pet quality pup with non life threatening birth defect $? (price negotiable depending on condition)
   ( Please note that gender, color and markings do not determine the quality of the pup. Quality is determined by level of herding instinct, disposition, sound body and mind )
 The following is a copy of our Pet Quality Sales Agreement.  
 The following agreement is between Jackie Jackson, hereafter referred to as, "Seller” and _____________________________ hereafter referred  to as  "Purchaser. "
In consideration of a purchase price of 
$__________dollars, the Seller transfers all rights, privileges and responsibilities  associated with the ownership and handling and care of the puppy, “______________” of the Border Collie breed to Purchaser as of the date specified below. 
Seller acknowledges that the Border Collie specified above to be in good health with no signs of  illness or injury at  time of purchase. The above mentioned Border Collie has previously been  started on a routine puppy vaccination and de-worming schedule. It is Purchasers  responsibility  to continue to maintain the vaccination and de-worming schedule of the above mentioned Border Collie for the rest of the dogs life.   The above mentioned Border Collie has also been started on a daily Vitamin Mineral Supplement called NUVET PLUS from NUVET LABS. It is highly recommended that the purchaser continues to maintain the daily supplement of NUVET PLUS for optimum life long health of the Border Collie. To order the NUVET PLUS call
800- 474-7044 . Your order code number is 40295
Seller recommends that the Purchaser takes the above mentioned Border Collie to a licensed Veterinarian of Purchasers choice within a couple of days of the purchase of the above mentioned Border Collie.
In the event that a life threatening genetic defect would appear in the above mentioned Border Collie within the age of 24 months of the above mentioned Border Collie, Seller binds herself to:
A. Replace the Border Collie with one of equivalent quality from a litter bred by the Seller, if the genetic condition is sufficiently serious enough in the opinion of at least 2 qualified Veterinarians, at least one of whom is selected by the Seller, to warrant euthanasia of the Border Collie .
Seller is not responsible for any Veterinarian expenses acquired or accumulated after the above mentioned Border Collie is in possession of the Purchaser.
In the unlikely event that the Purchaser can no longer maintain ownership of the above mentioned Border Collie, Seller request to be notified first and have the option of taking the above mentioned Border Collie back or help with the placement in a more suitable home.
Seller recommends that the above mentioned Border Collie be spayed/neutered at the expense of the Purchaser when the above mentioned Border Collie, as recommended by a Veterinarian, is old enough to have the surgery performed.
Seller will sign transfer ABCA registration papers over to the Purchaser after the Border Collie is spayed/neutered. A written request and proof from a licensed Veterinarian that the surgery was performed is required before transferring registration papers into Purchasers name.
Why should this Border Collie be spayed / neutered ? Any Border Collie sold as a pet should not be bred. This is simply for the improvement and maintenance of the breeding line for Border Collies. Breeders have striven for years to select and perfect the working ability of Border Collies. They are bred not only for their high energy levels, but their responsiveness and intelligence (which is why they have been noted as the most intelligent breed of dogs).
Working Border Collies have no physical AKC - like standards  with respect to color, height, ect.. They are selected purely for their working abilities.
Border Collies are eligible for a breeding program only  if they are able to reproduce either their own quality or better quality in each successive generation. Breeding is not to be done casually, nor is it a moneymaking venture. It is not a hobby and is very time consuming and energy demanding. By demanding that the pet - quality Border Collie be spayed/neutered, it avoids mass-production of average quality Border Collies, controls the already overblown dog population, and improves the overall fitness of the purebred line.
Purchaser has the right to return the above mentioned dog/puppy to Seller for a full refund within 24 hours from time and date of this agreement, providing that the above mentioned Border Collie is returned alive and uninjured with no signs of abuse or trauma.
We the , undersigned have read, understood. and agree with the terms of this contract.
_____________________ Purchaser ________________________________
Breeder, Jackie Jackson 9407 E. Waite rd Clinton, WI 53525 phone,
(608) 436-3586
Purchasers name ______________________________________________________________
Address_______________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Phone number ________________________________________________________________
EMAIL Address ______________________________________________________________
Amount and date of deposit  ____________________________________________________
Balance due __________________________________________________________________
Date of pick up ____________

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