We do not have any rescue or relenquished Border Collies available at our farm at this time .

   Our goal is to make sure that every Border Collie we raise and place ends up in a forever home. 

We expect the people that purchase a pup from us to raise their chosen Border Collie as a cherished family member. 

 Understanding the breed charactristics and training your chosen Border Collie is the key to success.
Returning a Border Collie that originated from Jackson's Family Farm requires a filled out Relinquished Form. (available upon request) 

 We do not accept or attempt to place stray dogs, or unwanted dogs that originated from other breeders.  
   Thank You to my friends that have found room in their hearts and homes to live with and love and train the few special Border Collies that have been returned back to us over the years.

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